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With more than 20 years experience in the SLA battery and the electronic power industry, we are able to provide a high quality, cost effective means to satisfy all your SLA power and power testing requirements.

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Security systems SLA batteries:
Tempest batteries are used for security systems in embassies and government agencies around the world.

Now Tempest has developed a manufacturing process that will enable us to successfully market our batteries to customers who have, in the past, had to sacrifice power source quality in order to keep their manufacturing costs down. In addition, the consumer will reap the benefit of having the opportunity to purchase quality, reliable batteries from a leader in the high end battery market at competitive prices.
We manufacture a wide variety of sealed lead acid batteries (SLA) with voltages ranging from 2 to 24 and with amp hour capacities ranging from .5 to 200. Tempest has over 50 different standard product configurations available.

For more than 10 years we have been successfully marketing our product to customers who require a high level of quality and reliability from the batteries they use.

Medical equipment SLA batteries:
Tempest batteries are currently used to power the products of some of the most prominent names in medical equipment.


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