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3302C 300W Mainframe (Single Only) GPIB, RS-232C

3302C 300W Mainframe (Single Only) GPIB, RS-232C
*Application Notes
AC to DC Power Supply.
DC to DC Converter.
DC to AC Inverter.
Battery Discharge.
Battery Charger.
Power Component.
Accept 3310 Series.
Accept 3320 Series.
Accept 3250 Series.
Accept 3330A Series
Flexible Load Module configuration.
Five Store/Recall Memory.
150 Store/Recall Memory for 3300C/3302C
External Recall key.
AC Power: 115, 230 Vac ± 10%, 50/60Hz.
Cooling: Force Fan Cooled.





1 Meter GPIB cable.
2 Meter GPIB cable.
9931 Remoter controller.
Blank Panel.

Note1: * Front panel operation only, Remote operation is not available
** 3300C Mainframe has 30 memory bank, where each memory bank has 5 states only.
3302C is 300W Mainframe which accepts any single 3310/3320/3250/3330A series Load Module. The built-in Five Store/Recall key or an Optional Remote controller provides user friendly one key operation for quick recall of previous stored data from all Load Modules.

Only one GPIB address is needed to control all Modules remotely.

Each 3310/3320/3250/3330A series module has its own control and display panel. Optional Vsense control switches and disable SHORT keys are available.

AC Power Cord 1pc.
BNC - BNC Cable 1pc.
Operation Manual 1pc.


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