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Prodigit and Power Electronics
Prodigit develops, manufactures and markets power electronics test and measurement instruments. With more than eighteen years of engineering and development experience Prodigit has achieved a high level of quality and reliability in technologies relating to DC and AC Electronic Loads, Digitizing Power Meters, and Precision Current Shunts. This proven performance enables us to have some of the most advanced technologies for these products worldwide.

Meeting the increasing need for test and measurement systems with high speed, accuracy, productivity ,versatility and repeatability has always been Prodigit objective. All of our instruments have been designed to be user friendly with operation possible manually from the front panel or remotely using GPIB or RS232 interface. This allows the instruments to be used on a test bench or in a completely automated system .Typical applications for these instruments are research & development,production , incoming inspection, quality control and ATE systems.Some of the most frequent applications for Prodigit instruments are the development and testing of switching power supplies, batteries and UPS systems.
Each year, Prodigit invests a large percentage of its net revenue in research and development. This heavy investment enables Prodigit to remain a professional power electronics instrument manufacturer. Prodigit designs reliable,cost effective products to meet the demanding needs of our customers.Our goal continues to be to produce products with unquestionable quality and reliability. Prodigit products provide flexible test solutions that raise the productivity and efficiency while lowering your testing costs.
With more than eighteen years experience in the power electronics industry, Prodigit is considered a professional instrument company in this field. This is supported by the many satisfied customers world wide using Prodigit instruments.